Looking for your Roman Catholic ancestors?

The Catholic Family History Society can point you in the right direction. Society members receive Catholic Ancestor, our journal, three times a year containing members' own researches and a wide range of helpful articles. An Annual Day Conference is held in October. Volunteers around the country transcribe early Catholic Registers, and these are offered free to current members when published. They may also be available at your local Record Office or public libraries. Non-members can also purchase these and all past publications.Please use the menu bar at the top of the page to explore this site.

You may be new to family history, you may have some experience, you may be an old hand; whatever the case we will welcome you as a member and do our best to help you in this fascinating pastime.

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The current subscription rate is £15.00 per year.(UK) and £20.00 for overseas members.

Membership can be purchased online by using a credit card at GENfair or by completing and mailing the Membership Form.

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